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BTKM Privacy Statement

BTKM Digital (“BTKM”) operates the web site at

https:/ (“Site”) and the App based iMYRA Service (“Service”). We respect the privacy of each user of the Site and each user of the Service (referred to as "you"), whether you are just beginning your real estate app search or have previously visited our Site. This Privacy Statement gives you specific information about how we protect your privacy, how we treat your Personal Information, and how we use aggregated information. BY USING THE SITE, YOU SIGNIFY YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THIS PRIVACY STATEMENT. IF YOU DO  NOT AGREE  TO THIS PRIVACY STATEMENT, YOU CANNOT USE THE SITE. SIMILARLY, BY USING THE APP AND THE SERVICE, YOU SIGNIFY YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THIS PRIVACY STATEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE  TO THIS PRIVACY STATEMENT, YOU CANNOT USE THE APP OR SERVICE. 

We reserve the right to modify this statement at any time by posting a notice on the Site’s home page. (If we consider it appropriate, we may also provide additional notice of significant changes.) Your use of the Site or Service after the date of the last modification listed at the beginning of this Privacy Statement indicates to us that you agree to the changes.

BTKM takes the privacy of our customers very seriously. In regards to your visit to the Site we may collect access log information about your visit, including information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses assigned (numbers assigned to your computer while online), browser used, and dates and times of access, In connection with your registration for the App and use of the Service, personally-identifiable information will be collected and maintained such as your name, service address, realtor registration numbers, email address, passwords, user IDs, billing address, telephone numbers, log-in for other website information and such other information related to the provision of the Service.  In addition, your use of the Service may include your provision of various data, pictures and other information which may be stored or achieved through the Service. BTKM may access such stored or achieved material to assure compliance with the iMRYA Agreement and/or legal requirements.

BTKM may use "cookies," small computer codes added to a file on your computer, as a record of its visit to BTKM website or to other websites through the Service. Among other functions, “cookies” manage information concerning your preferences. A “cookie” does not collect or provide your name or any other personal information about you. It can, however, be used by the website that placed it to note information about your visit, such as your type of web browser, operating system and Internet Protocol ("IP") address, to better tailor the site for you. It also can recognize you when you log in as a registered user or as a repeat visitor returning to a website, including any BTKM website, allowing the site to remember you and any options you select, and to provide more tailored information for you. You can control what cookies are accepted by your computer through the settings on your web browser or by deleting them from your files. However, doing so may limit the personalization available to you.

BTKM collects the information for registration, authorization, invoicing and provision of the Service and functioning of the Site. BTKM shall only use the information collected for the provision of the Service and Site, including but not limited to, efficient interactions with the Site, compliance with the iMYRA Agreement, enforcement of the iMYRA Agreement, monitoring for unauthorized use of the Service, and to protect BTKM and others from fraud and unlawful acts. 

BTKM may disclose information collected to third-parties to provide the Service to you, such as (without limitation) other websites you are connecting to using the Service, collection agencies, contractors for BTKM, other service providers assisting BTKM in providing the Service. BTKM may also disclose information when ordered by a court or regulatory authority or otherwise required by law. BTKM attempts to ensure the integrity and security of its network and computer systems, however BTKM cannot guarantee that its security measures will prevent unauthorized access.

This BTKM Privacy Statement only relates to BTKM and does not relate to any other websites or services, including any websites you connect to using the Service. The use of information by any other website you connect to is subject to the privacy policy, if any, of the other website, including but not limited to, any website which access is provided to through the Service. BTKM is not responsible for any information provided by you to third parties, including by accessing other websites, and such information is not subject to the BTKM privacy provision